Visual impairment is associated with a significantly reduced quality of life (QoL) and increased health care costs. It is expected that the number of people with visual impairment will increase with the aging of the population.

Through a collaboration with Synoptik A/S comprehensive data from extensive eye examinations, questionnaires, blood pressure measurements will be linked to genetic information and data in the Danish National Health Registries. With this project, we have an opportunity to study and improve eye health as well as general health of the aging population.

The figure depicts the FOREVER consortium.

The FOREVER consortium is fully supported by the entire Synoptik A/S organization, hereunder the senior leadership team as well as the 100 stores, including about 400 store personnel, spread across Denmark. The digital solution has been developed in collaboration with the company Unikk.me. Recently Novo Nordisk has shown interest and collaboration has been initiated on machine learning.